Does Industry Want The Dangers Of Aspartame Suppressed

Why Does Industry Want The Dangers Of Aspartame Suppressed?

Throughout the internet, countless advocates are being silenced through defamation of character, censorship or personal attacks which invoke safety concerns. While some groups are experiencing this treatment for the first time, this is par for the course for many veteran advocates. Such is the case for whistleblower and veteran artificial sweeteners activist, Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard. She is taking a stand and speaking up about some of the tactics used against the Aspartame Dangers network. In addition to consumers, her work has helped thousands of military and airline pilots who have suffered serious health impacts attributed to the consumption of products containing artificial sweeteners. 

Aspartame intake is especially dangers for pilots in flight.

Aspartame intake is especially dangers for pilots in flight.

Industry’s Dirty P.R. Tactics Confuse and Divert Media Away From Reporting on Valid Aspartame Dangers

Statement From Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder Aspartame Consumer Safety Network [1987 – Present]

Re: Viral Aspartame Email “Scares” On Internet

Dallas – Feb. 2, 1999 – [ACSN] — An obvious attempt has been made via a recently inflammatory, and outrageously erroneous, Internet email to erode the credibility of our Aspartame Consumer Safety Network. It gives “Snopes” a chance to have a Field Day, making Industry gleefully thrilled. Although a fictitious name is on it – we do not know who the original “sender” was. In it, the producer of this document has cited thinly-veiled references to us and our work in the most outrageous manner. One has only to visit our website to understand that we have worked hard since 1987 to attain the high level of credibility we now enjoy with the media and consumers alike. At the same time, that very success has served to make us a more inviting target to our enemies. To have our efforts trivialized and undermined in such a bizarre way is deeply troubling.
On the other hand, ACSN has been studying the epidemiology of this phenomenon for over a decade, collecting the adverse reaction reports of thousands of individuals [heavy users of the artificial sweetener, aspartame] who have reported being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and other serious illnesses. Many of these patients have voluntarily taken the sweetener out of their diets and experienced an almost miraculous disappearance of the original severe symptoms.
For the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, FDA or anyone else to be “outraged” over cautionary warnings that aspartame use may trigger new cases or exacerbate preexisting ones of Multiple Sclerosis is in itself an outrage. Why do they not listen to patients [as we do] with compelling case histories? 
What possible harm would come from advising M.S. patients to stay away from use of all artificial sweeteners for a period of four to six weeks? When patients call our medical information hotline, we do not tell them to stop taking any of their medications. Nor do we tell them to discontinue their prescribed medical treatments. Further, we don’t ever advise them to not seek medical help from a competent doctor. 
Perhaps the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation protests a little too much because some of their funding comes from ties to the giant, billion dollar sweetener industry or manufacturers who use it in their products – as does the American Dietetic Association which oversees all the Registered Dietitians in the U.S.? [See article/photo in our 200 page Toxicology Sourcebook, Deadly Deception – Story of Aspartame.]
These suspiciously viral emails/posts are almost invariably done with fictitious names or by ones with hidden connections to the Industry. Whereas, we always post openly, under our correct name. In conclusion, if the inappropriate, radically-worded email (Posts/Comments, etc.) about the harmful effects of aspartame is, as we believe it to be, a deliberate public relations attempt to sabotage the credibility of the organization identifying and reporting adverse reactions to the sweetener – it hasn’t worked. It has caused people seeking answers to turn to the only anti-aspartame organization on the Internet with a proven history (1987-present) track record of credibility and high visibility – Aspartame Consumer Safety Network. 
About Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard:  Food Safety Expert, Award-Winning Journalist, credited with starting the massive worldwide anti-aspartame consumer movement, in 1987, with James Turner, Esq., her Aspartame Consumer Safety Network co-founder. Author of Deadly Deception – Story of Aspartame [200 p. Toxicology Sourcebook] and member of the President’s Council on Food Safety [1998-1999], Stoddard has been employed to lecture at one of the top medical schools in the U.S. on the subject of artificial sweeteners. 
Mary Nash Stoddard, host of The Sweetest View

Mary Nash Stoddard, host of The Sweetest View

Her legal background [7 yr. full term, as a Sworn appointed State Judge] has allowed her to better understand the legal aspects. Her work with airline and military pilots is legendary. Featured by electronic and print media around the world, and qualified in court as an Expert Medical Witness, this well-known Consumer Advocate lectures to audiences around the world on the topic of artificial sweeteners.

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  1. It is normal for industries to prefer positive public perceptions of their products. Whether or not the dangers of aspartame are being suppressed would require careful examination of scientific evidence, public health studies, and regulatory practices.

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