University of California System Halts Use of Glyphosate Herbicide

Following a student campaign against the spraying of herbicides on its campuses and three legal decisions concluding that glyphosate causes cancer, the University of California has suspended the use of Roundup and glyphosate-based herbicides on all campuses. by Jonathan Latham, PhD At the UC Berkeley campus, the Herbicide-Free UC students worked with the Grounds Operations […]

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New Study on Insect Pollinator Policy of US States 2000-2017

We need to have healthy bees so we can have a healthy productive agricultural system! Gene Brandi

In the absence of any sweeping international agreements addressing insect pollinator conservation, this project’s goal was to find topics of consensus at the sub-national levels concerning insect pollinator conservation. This paper showcases areas of agreement useful for similar international, national, providence/state/territory, and municipal policies.

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EU Vote On Neonicotinoids In Limbo As EPA Sued Over Bee-Toxic Pesticides

MEP, Alyn Smith talks to June Stoyer and special guest host, Tom Theobald about the recent decision in the European Union regarding the proposed by on neonicotiniods. Environmentalist and bee health advocate, Graham White joins the show later on to discuss what this decision means for beekeepers and environmentalist.

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