Does Industry Want The Dangers Of Aspartame Suppressed

Does Industry Want The Dangers Of Aspartame Suppressed? Across the internet countless advocates are being silenced through defamation of character, censorship or personal attacks which invoke safety concerns. Whistleblower and veteran artificial sweeteners activist, Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard is taking a stand and exposing some of these tactics used against the Aspartame Dangers network. 

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Why Does Hydration Have to Be Artificial?

Does Hydration Have to Be Artificially Sweetened?

Yet another industry is taking a page out of the same play book – soft drinks! Should hydration be artificially sweetened? Should a beverage that contains a chemical that is toxic be marketed as a healthful product?

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to aspartame authority, Judge Mary Nash Stoddard about clever, new trends that use artificial sweeteners. You might be surprised where these sweeteners are being added.

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