Would You Drink This?

As a GMO Stunt, Professor Tasted Pesticide and Gave it To Students!  “Feeding Dipel to one’s students in a public seminar creates an impressive list of problematic issues: safety concerns, ethics concerns, questionable science,and, not least, by eating a pesticide and encouraging his students to do the same, both the professor and his students broke […]

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New Study on Insect Pollinator Policy of US States 2000-2017

We need to have healthy bees so we can have a healthy productive agricultural system! Gene Brandi

In the absence of any sweeping international agreements addressing insect pollinator conservation, this project’s goal was to find topics of consensus at the sub-national levels concerning insect pollinator conservation. This paper showcases areas of agreement useful for similar international, national, providence/state/territory, and municipal policies.

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Is ELAP About Getting Beekeepers To Go To The Trough

Is ELAP About Getting Beekeepers To Go To The Trough? There have been a lot of developments since the last segment of The Neonicotinoid View. Evidently, being at the helm of EPA is not an easy job that is free from serious consequences and controversy. EPA’s Scott Pruitt has resigned. Secondly, has industry infiltrated bee health advocacy groups? Are US research labs missing the mark when it comes to neonicotinoids? Also, we’re going to talk about the increasing number of incidents in which drinking water is contaminated and lastly, we’re going to talk about the effects of conservation enhancements.

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