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It’s Confirmed!

It’s the most important news of the day in America and yet not one major news source is reporting it! Here is the full document posted on WoodPrairie.com. While this is a huge victory, we still have a long way to go.

Please note the very end of the bill…


In order to allow food producers time and opportunity to properly label products in accordance with this act and to avoid disruption in the supply chains of food producers, grocers, and other markets, this act shall take effect 365 days after California and two of the following other states have enacted substantially comparable requirements for the labeling of food produced from genetic engineering: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island.

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So, who will be next?

In the interim, please support the efforts of a true American hero, Jim Gerritsen of Wood Prairie Farm who is an organic seed farmer in Maine and President of the Organic Seed Growers And Trade Association. Please also donate to OSGATA by clicking this link!

Jim Gerritsen, President of OSGATA

American hero, Jim Gerritsen, President of OSGATA

To learn more about Jim’s efforts against GMO’s please listen to his interviews on The Organic View. 


Jim Gerritsen -The Significance of OSGATA v. Monsanto – Feb 16,2012

Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio

Jim Gerritsen -Organic Farmers Appeal OSGATA VS Monsanto – Apr 11,2012




Listen to internet radio with The Organic View on Blog Talk Radio


3 Responses to VT House Agriculture Committee Passes H.722, The Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill But It Ain’t Over Yet!

  1. Thanks for this article. You can find a Survey on this article here: http://bit.ly/J0xtOt – First Survey Question: Do you care to know if the food you eat has been genetically modified (GMO – Genetically Modified Organism)?

  2. Ella Baker says:

    The reasons for there not being labels on gmo foods, and by-products, is simply because of the swinging door between agricultural biotech companies like Monsanto and the U.S. government. The world-wide deregulation of gmo labeling requirements would also open up free trade of these genetically engineered and modified foods particularly to the European countries which currently do not even allow rBGH in their milk.

  3. Roger Frary says:

    Congratulations !!! Well done>

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