Less food made in factories and more that grew in dirt. -Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran’s The Good Karma Diet

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know what operational conditions, water quality, air quality and soil conditions the food you eat was grown in? There is a reason why organic advocates like Joel Salatin encourage people to know your grower. Most people blindly trust other people with the responsibility of growing the food that nourishes their body and subsequently, impacts their health. When you consume foods that are highly processed and made with artificial ingredients, you are not allowing your body to exert energy and break down food, which can negatively impact your health.  Remember, good food isn’t fast and fast food isn’t good!

Less food made in factories and more that grew in dirt. -Victoria Moran
The Good Karma Diet: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion

Making good food choices can not only impact your health but can impact the planet. It is not simply a matter of choosing one particular food over another but rather how your choices deeply impact your existence which can lead to a happier, healthier life! If you would like to learn about some of the approaches you can take to make the transition into a plant based diet as well as other ways to be more compassionate, this is a great resource. This is also a great book to read with your children and others who want to live happier and healthier!

Victoria Moran is not some random author trying to profit from veganism, which oddly enough, some people consider to be a dieting trend but she actually lives the life she writes about. She has inspired so many people and continues to teach people about living a life that is filled with compassion, love and thoughtfulness. She offers great tips for newbies as well as a collection of stories which help reinforce the need for human beings to live compassionately.

Victoria is a well-respected food advocate and the author of 12 books which include: Main Street Vegan, the best-selling Creating a Charmed Life (in thirty languages), and the plant-based weight-loss classic, The Love-Powered Diet: Eating for Freedom, Health, & Joy.

Cited by VegNews among the Top 10 Contemporary Vegetarian Authors, Victoria appeared twice on Oprah and she’s one of the celebrity coaches for the PCRM 21-Day Vegan Kickstart.has been featured in numerous articles, a highly sought after speaker, the host of the Main Street Vegan podcast, and is the founder and director of Main Street Vegan Academy which trains vegan lifestyle coaches and educators. She is a certified holistic health counselor and holds the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies/eCornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.

The Good Karma Diet

Listen To The Interview:

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, author and vegan advocate, Victoria Moran talks to host, June Stoyer, about her new book, The Good Karma Diet: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion. To listen to the interview, please click the play button below on the video:

Creamy Golden Squash Soup Recipe


  • 6 cups boiling water
  • 1 medium white onion whole and unpeeled
  • 1 medium butternut or walnut squash, cubed
  • 1 small zucchini, cubed
  • 1 medium carrot, peeled and chopped
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 medium red onion, sliced
  • 1 medium stalk celery, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon salt (or to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped and lightly toasted (If toasting your own chopped raw walnuts, toast in a dry skillet at medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until lightly toasted. Remove from heat immediately.)
Golden Squash Soup

Golden Squash Soup Recipe

Loving Preparation:

  1. In a medium pot, add the water, whole white onion, and squash. Bring to a boil again; then simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Add the zucchini and carrots and simmer for 10 minutes more.
  3. Meanwhile, sauté the sliced red onions in oil on medium heat until golden brown. Set aside.
  4. Drain the soup into a large bowl and set the liquid aside.
  5. Discard the onion peel and add peeled white onion, along with the drained soup ingredients, to a heatproof food processor or blender. Add celery, salt, and all seasonings, and puree until smooth and creamy. (Be very careful when blending hot liquids as the sudden release of steam has a tendency to blow the lid off of blenders. Be sure the lid is firmly in place and cover the lid with a towel for extra safety. Start the blender at its lowest speed, increasing it slowly.)
  6. Pour the blender contents back into the pot and add the drained stock and sautéed onions.
  7. Adjust the flavor if needed, with more salt, pepper, or any of the spices.
  8. Serve hot or chilled, in bowls or mugs. Sprinkle with toasted walnuts and decorate with a sprig of parsley or cilantro.
  9. Soup will keep refrigerated up to 3 days. Or freeze in a plastic container or sealed BPA- free zipper bag.

Serves: 4 to 6

“Meaty” Variation:

If you love mushrooms and want a bit of a meaty texture, sauté 1 cup of fresh or 10 soaked and sliced shiitake mushrooms with the sliced red onion.

Banana Soft Serve Recipe


  • 4 ripe bananas, frozen
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, or 1?4 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
  • 4 tablespoons nut milk (almond/Brazil) or water

For a chocolate version, add 1 tablespoon raw fair trade cacao powder


  • 1 tablespoon unsulphured, unsweetened, dried coconut shreds
  • 1 tablespoon chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.)
  • Cacao powder
Banana Soft Serve Recipe

Banana Soft Serve Recipe

Loving Preparation: 

Combine banana, vanilla, nut milk or water, and cacao if using, in a food processor or powerful blender with a tamper, until smooth and creamy like ice cream. Scrape the sides the food processor blender bowl so that all the banana is puréed.
When the mixture reaches the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, scoop into serving dishes and sprinkle, if you like, with coconut, nuts, or a bit more cacao powder.


Make a sundae with the addition of a drizzle of maple syrup or chocolate syrup (Cè Organics makes a delicious one with fair trade ingredients) ?Or drizzle with a nice brandy for a sophisticated grown-up dessert.

Serves: 2 to 4

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