Flint River

Flint’s Water Crisis: Can This Help?

Neglect Leads To Monumental Water Crisis 

Last year, the Flint, Michigan water crisis brought international attention to a very disturbing reality pertaining to drinking water.  This crisis also brought attention to alternatives in areas near water sources that have been dealing with issues pertaining to water quality. Michigan based, green tech entrepreneurs Andrea Hartfelder and her husband Dave invented a green tech solution that not only recycles sump pump waste water but purifies the water making it safe for human consumption.

Flint River

              The Flint River in Flint, Michigan

Hartfelder lives in an area with high water tables and felt that it was a tremendous waste to allow the water from the sump pump in her basement to flow out into the street. At the time, there were no solutions available which would recycle this water. So, she and her husband decided to come up with their own solution. They invented a green technology which re-purposed the sump pump’s waste water that they could use for lawn irrigation. This was successful but they wanted to take it a step further and add a purification component. She then met with a water quality expert to incorporate a water purification system in her basement. This rendered her home off the grid as far as water.

Water Crisis Prevention At A Nominal Cost

“In regards to the Flint Water Crisis, it could have easily been prevented and at a nominal cost. It’s extremely sad but what happened in Flint could happen anywhere!” said Andrea Hartfelder, co-founder of Micro Environmental Control Systems.

Woda-Sci High Level System Overview

                                                                       Woda-Sci High Level System Overview

Listen To The Interview

What if you could use water that would otherwise going into the sewer for drinking and irrigation purposes? One simply and economic solution is the use of an eco-friendly sump pump which not only recycles water but can actually provide purified drinking water. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to eco-mom and entrepreneur, Andrea Hartfelder, from Micro Environmental Control Systems. Andrea is going to talk about her experience living in this type of environment as well as her solution which focuses on water conservation and water purity. If you are interested in conserving water and understanding how this innovative green technology works, tune in! To listen to the segment, please click the link below:

Hartfelder’s mission is to educate and help people conserve water. Through her innovative green technology, she hopes to prevent future catastrophes like the water crisis in Flint Michigan. The Woda-Sci Green Tech Sump Pump Controller from MEC Systems LLC offers a sump pump home water supply system. The innovative green tech sump pump systems can help save money and take control of the quality of your water. The sump pump water systems are ideal for home irrigation and drinking water. To learn more about this innovative technology, please visit https://www.wodasci.com/.

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