Are We Losing American Beekeepers?

Are We Losing The American Beekeeping Industry

Can The American Beekeeping Industry Survive?

The American commercial migratory beekeeping industry has been hanging on by a thin thread for the last few years due to continued widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides as seed treatments and foliar applications. Recently, there has been news about an increase in the planting of gmo corn.  While many industry executives and EPA representatives are focused on the gmo vs organic debate, the fact remains that gmo’s are the companion technology to neonicotinoid pesticides.  Neonicotinoids have been scientifically proven by numerous world-renowned scientists to have permanently devastating effects on pollinators. They are the most deadly chemicals on the planet but are the most profitable for industry. However, what remains to be seen is just how much longer can the American beekeeping industry take? How much longer can this critical part of the agricultural community survive?

David Hackenberg went from 1700 hives down to 80- Jim Doan

In this week’s segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and Tom Theobald talk about industry news about an increase in gmo corn, more controversy over TTIP Trade Negotiations, Newburgh NY’s state of emergency water crisis, California Beekeepers Association vote against a domestic ban on Imidacloprid, and new Japanese research into human health effects of neonicotinoid exposure.

The Neonicotinoid View”, which is produced by The Organic View Radio Show is unique, weekly program that explores the impact of neonicotinoids on the environment. Tune in each week as bee health advocate June Stoyer and Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald explore the latest research and news from the beekeeping community.

To listen to the show, please click the video below.


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