Conventional Orange Juice Is the Pits

I love some of the labels that I have read at breakfast time throughout the years. Mind you, before computers and blackberries, most people would commonly read their cereal box or beverage carton as they happily consumed the day’s first meal. It was what we did. We actually read our labels and sometimes even memorized their “all too familiar” packages.

orange juice container

A Label Free Container!

I fondly recall reading the carton of a once favorite brand of orange juice that stated, “this juice was made from freshly squeezed oranges!” Well, I sincerely hope that prior to that declaration, the company, who shall remain nameless, had opted NOT to use spoiled citrus in their juice production. Nevertheless, it makes you wonder why the company felt so compelled to reach out to the customer to ensure that the oranges were fresh. What were they really hiding? Why state the obvious if you are creating a premium product?

Imagine this! What if your orange juice container told you what the process was really like in order to make that sunny colored glass of juice? What if the label on your container of orange juice read as follows:

“This pasteurized non-organic juice, which has been mass produced with pesticides, has been stored in a gigantic aseptic storage tank to ensure a 24/7 year-round supply (a process known as de-aeration, preventing it from oxidizing in the tanks, thus, stripping the juice from all of the natural flavor), also contains added flavor packs to ensure a semblance of real flavor and color.”

Would you buy it? That is a rather obvious answer but then the next question most people have is, “What other options do I have?”  Clearly, there is only one option -organic orange juice! If you have ever wondered what happened to the orange juice industry from sunny Florida, tune in to hear Matt McLean from Uncle Matt’s Organics talk about resurgence of organic citrus farmers and what these farmers are doing to bring our favorite breakfast beverage back organically! Orange You Glad I Said Organic?

organic oranges

organic oranges

The organic oranges pictured above are what we expect and should find in every glass of orange juice! When in doubt, buy organic! Bottoms up!

22 thoughts on “Conventional Orange Juice Is the Pits

  1. Lydia I have transformed my family into organic and local shops! We eat fresh and pay the price of going grocery shopping every other day. I have loved it and we eat better, feel better, and teach our kids daily the importance of yummy healthy food! I hate that I waited so long to get started!! Organic is delicious and the best I could do for my family. We love orange juice!!

  2. I personally would NEVER buy an orange Juice that has been processed.. I only LIKE and realise that REAL ORANGES are the best… The only way to have good quality control.. As a household we are moving to FRESH WHOLESOME NON PROCESSED Food we are also starting to now buy ORGANIC! … RICH :0)

  3. While I don’t buy or drink orange juice… I do purchase organically produced products like milk and 1/2 and 1/2 for the coffee. It’s worth the cost and the quality is much better. It’s funny how our foods are so heavily marketed to make us think they’re natural and organic when more often they’re not. As I always say…”read the fine print.” Good post. TW

  4. I wanted to thank you for this great show!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it! Matt was super cool! Would love to take the tour! Can just imagine eating fresh ORGANIC oranges. omnomnomnomnom…lol

  5. Uncle Matt was awesome. Where go I buy his juice? Thank you for having the page! Looking forward to his next show. What a fun guy!

  6. Love the whole organic citrus farming idea. Never knew there were so many issues with oranges. Thanks for such an interesting interview. I just downloaded all of the podcasts on Zune.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Uncle Matt’s. I have been buying his juice and find the quality to be just as good as freshly squeezed. It was interesting to learn about his farm.

  8. Great interview and again, a very interesting subject you cover. My question would have been: What’s the difference in Vitamin C in conventional Orange Juice and Organic OJ?

    The conventional types/brands don’t even taste like Orange.

    I’ve come to stop buying them when I started to pay more attention to the labels and I often read how much sugar was added.

  9. Never knew about organic oranges from Florida. Always thought everything came from CA. Thanks for the useful information!

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