KFC’s Charitable Chicken Dance!

Talk about trying to redeem a public image! KFC has created a new marketing campaign in which they will donate $0.50 for every “bucket” of deep fried, GMO chicken that you purchase to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure through May, 2010.  While the decision to help promote something good seems bold, the price to pay for what you are doing to your body, more specifically to your arteries is harsh.

As a Born-Again-Vegan, I find it utterly disturbing that this restaurant chain has been constantly hammered by my friends and colleagues at such organizations such as the Organic Consumer’s Association and Peta for the cruelty inflicted upon the birds that they torment and inhumanely slaughter. While watching the clip, an image of tormented carcasses seems to haunt my mind as the cleverly written dialogue is being uttered by each actor, professing the importance of buying this product.

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