The Mar-TEA-nee Recipe

What’s red and orange and absolutely the BEST way to have a little cheer this Christmas and New Year’s Eve? It’s an organic “Mar-Tea-nee” of course! This featured recipe also includes products from The Organic View Radio Show’s “Best of 2011” nominations! I personally love my martini’s stirred, NOT shaken. Just a little gentle stirring is all that is needed to allow the flavors to incorporate. Evidently, James Bond didn’t appreciate organics the way my organic good food friends and I do.

The Mar-TEA-nee!



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martini recipe

Photo credit: June Stoyer, The Organic View Radio Show©


  • 4oz Chartreuse Organic ‘Tucson Bold’ Herbal Tea
  • Bainbridge Distillers Organic ‘Legacy’ Vodka
  • 2 cubes of Native Forest Organic Pineapple
  • 1 Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange


  1. In a well-chilled Martini glass, add 4oz of chilled, strong brewed Chartreuse Organic ‘Tucson Bold’ Herbal Tea, add 1oz of chilled Bainbridge Distillers Organic ‘Legacy’ Vodka, two cubes of Native Forest Organic Pineapple on a little pick in the glass (instead of an olive) and a slice of an Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange on the rim of the glass.
  2. Stir, serve and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Mar-TEA-nee Recipe

  1. Zhena’s teas makes a delightful Berry Bellini Tea which I tried with this recipe last night for my guests. I saw that they were also nominated for best tea in their list. Another trick is to freeze the pineapple in mini ice cubes. It gives it a nice chill and looks elegant! Happy Hanukkah!

  2. I’m loving all the holiday “cheer” you are spreading! We have a local guy who puts this huge martini lighted sign up at christmas on top of a hill where nearly the whole city of Portland can see it. It’s hilarious! I’ll have to try this “healthy” recipe 😉

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