Bena Burda Talks About the True Cost of Fair Labor

As the demand for certified organic increases, people are becoming more aware of the ingredients in their food, the country of origin and especially the process in which these products are grown or made. It has been a common practice in many 3rd world countries to utilize child labor as well as heinous working conditions in order to be able to produce enough products in order to meet these demands.

Cotton Planting
This picture show a worker harvesting the cotton. There is a lot of care taken while harvesting which is good for the worker and the land!

Cotton Harvest

The Fair Labor movement is trying to do something about it. Wages and labor conditions are measured and monitored at every point in the supply chain, not merely on the farm. In this way, social responsibility is promoted throughout the supply chain, providing a clear path for continuous improvement. This actually results in more productivity, less waste due to product recalls, less pollution and overall better for society as a whole.

co-op sewing

Here is another picture of the group at an actual educational workshop! Education is really critical to the success of the group and is also key to high quality production!

fair trade training for workers

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, Bena Burda, President and CEO of Maggie’s Functional Organics will be my guest to talk about what this certification entails. She will also talk about why she chose to certify her entire line of products and how this certification will impact her business. If you own a business or are a consumer, it is important to educate yourself about exactly how our products are made and why this certification is becoming critical to protecting our environment. If you would like to listen to the segment, please click Why Fair Labor is Less Work to download the show or visit the show’s page.
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20 thoughts on “Bena Burda Talks About the True Cost of Fair Labor

  1. Pretty cool idea. Nike should should have followed a similar protocol. I think it’s a important reminder for those who always focus on price. Businesses need to make money to stay in business. While you want a good deal, all parties need to earn something. Glad to see companies considering the source of their supplies and fair labor standards. TW

  2. Such important information and points here, June! Its easy to lose sight of where a product comes form, who harvests or prepares it etc., when we are solely focused on the product being organic. Thanks for a great post!

  3. I am happy you took the time and effort to talk about this but before we go taking care of everyone else’s needs, we need to take care of workers here at home. So many farmers here are underpaid.

  4. Talk about a risk in this economy. If she felt it was worth it, then this is something we all should consider! It just makes sense~

  5. I only thought Maggie’s made socks. I never knew that they had so many issues with production. It is interesting to learn about these companies!

  6. You people are dreamin. We can’t take care of our own people but we are going off to help others? What about the farmers here?? I’m sorry but till something is done here, I think this is a crock of poo.

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