Got drugs? Check out, when your MD becomes your drug dealer!

My esteemed colleague and new friend, Dr. Rohan Perera, host of  the Medicine Unplugged Radio Program which I have been a guest on, told me about a really great site called

Stop the pill popping!

Are we a nation that is drug dependent?

It is a great place to view prescription drugs and get the scoop on what pills you are popping. is researched, written and maintained by Public Citizen, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts. This organization does not accept any money for its work, which is a statement all by itself!

Modern day American has become a society similarly to the one described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. In this novel, Huxley describes the use of a fictitious drug called Soma to alleviate the stresses of our day to day existence. What is the point of living if every time we are in pain or are depressed, we reach for a bottle? Drugs were initially concocted to actually cure an ailment. However, in this day and age, society is duped into believing that they need to walk out of the doctor’s office with a prescription if they are going to go to the office for an exam. To boot, if they don’t want to eat right and take care of their bodies, they can easily swallow a pill to transform themselves into a thinner person.

Drugs seem to be unavoidable. Granted, while sometimes they are necessary to cure an ailment, why isn’t the public in an uproar over the side effects caused by these miracle pills? Why are there so many commercials for greedy lawyers waiting to sue the big pharmaceutical companies for your unpleasant or near death experience? Just what kind of a business has been created at the expense of your health?

In my research for a current lecture that I have been giving this summer about Dandelions, I began reading the work of Nicholas Culpeper, M.D. (1616 –1654). Even 400 years ago, the medical profession was perceived as a business. This led to his two publications: The English Physician, 1652 and Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, 1653. After the publication, Culpeper declared:

“This not being pleasing, and less profitable to me, I consulted with my two brothers, DR. REASON and DR. EXPERIENCE, and took a voyage to visit my mother NATURE, by whose advice, together with the help of Dr. DILIGENCE, I at last obtained my desire; and, being warned by MR. HONESTY, a stranger in our days, to publish it to the world, I have done it.“

Here is something for you to ponder. How many people do you know are taking a drug for prevention or for an ailment? Rarely do you find people that are not taking a pill for one reason or the other. I cannot say that I know of many people that are free and clear. (Subsequently, I do not take any medication whatsoever and rarely take aspirin.)

As if this isn’t bad enough consider the medication that is now given to animals in order to prevent disease (from living in close quarters). These cows, sheep, chickens, etc. are not exactly running around fields grazing freely under sunny skies. They are kept in disheveled pens that are carefully spaced to maximize available housing. In addition, there are a myriad of drugs given to encourage rapid growth and enhance milk production. This was evidently a very bad idea, especially when RBGH was administered to cows. Once it was found to harm the animal as well as humans, Monsanto opted to sell the company.

Society had a view that the drug pushers were low life people lurking in playgrounds, on street corners, etc. These days, all you have to do is get a prescription from your local doctor or clinic and you can now numb the pain away.  The mentality must change. We need to cease thinking as we do and look at the big picture. Before you are told that you must take a particular drug for an ailment, do some footwork and find out what the side effects are as well as how this will change you. It is your body and if you don’t take care of it, no one else will.

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22 thoughts on “Got drugs? Check out, when your MD becomes your drug dealer!

  1. This is a HUGE thing that we should all be talking about. I find it amazing that we’re more concerned with a file that we’re downloading on our computers than we are about a drug that we put in our bodies. That’s crazy!!!

    Your post also made me think of my kids. We also need to be paying close attention to vaccines as well as prescriptions.

    Thanks again for this post. You can never re:post enough on this topic in today’s society!

  2. ^ Agreed!

    Being from the UK, I find posts like this make me realise what an eschewed vision of ‘health’ – mental and physical – our American cousins have, and as the cultures bleed together (in a large part due to the internet) we find ourselves at a crossroads more and more – we all find our solace in quick-fix scenarios and that’s where the issues lie! It’s worrying for future generations, who will hopefully look back on all of this as a rough patch in the organisation of a new, less sedentary, less depressed world society – without the reliance on drugs, prescribed or otherwise!

    Thank you, again, for opening my eyes to this.

  3. It’s a lot easier to attack private citizens than members of congress though, because that would mean acknowledging your country is beyond hope. Attacking AIG members just means that some guy took your money, rather than the people you trusted to take care of you. If they betrayed you it means you had bad judgement in choosing them, and nobody wants to admit that.

  4. Having to take a few too many pills myself, I always at least make sure the pills I am taking won’t affect me any other way than as described. It takes the pain away, which is our main concern, but some people I know just take them to get the buzz, which I don’t really approve of. I guess it all really depends on the legitimacy of the need or want for what you’re taking.

  5. Too often the solution for better health is to simply prescribe medication. While there are certain instances where medication is necessary, more often then not simply living a healthier life, eating a better diet and exercising will eliminate many of the health issues the world is facing. People need to consider alternative routes before taking medication. The trouble is we are bombarded by radio and TV ads selling a medication as a cure all for everything. We need more articles like this to better educate the public. Let people know there are alternatives. Great post.

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  11. I have never even so much as taken an aspirin. This is exactly why! What is really sad is that there is so much available over the counter!

  12. People will pop pills and ask questions later too easily. This does remind me of Brave New World! Great post!

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