Learning How To Surf! Martin Shervington’s Approach To “Life”

How do YOU measure success?

The meaning of success really depends upon the goals and aspirations of an individual. While some focus on the material things in life, others focus on areas that are substantial and more fulfilling such as balance, inner harmony and maintaining a healthy relationship. Often, people will seek new methods for self-improvement but become frustrated because there isn’t an all purpose, quick fix that will work for everyone. This is especially why making an assessment of your own behavior, body language and communication are critical to making the changes you wish to make.

A Different Approach to Life

Learning How To Surf With NLP

(NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. The title refers to a stated connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”), and behavioural patterns that have been learned through experience (“programming”). NLP is capable of providing people with resources that they need to cope with every circumstance. In Martin Shervington’s new book, Life: You Can’t Stop The Waves But You Can Learn How To Surf, you will find a clever approach to bring about change that is actually quite simple. Martin takes the essence of several personal development approaches (including NLP) and turns it into a fun journey of self-discovery. Martin explores different options for improving your situation with money,  relationships and also teaches you to explore the hidden potential of the mind in order to bring about significant, real life changes.


The current economic climate has affected almost everyone in one way or another; whether on a personal, financial or professional level. In order to remain grounded, especially during difficult periods, it is necessary to figure out the core issues which create instability.  Often during these periods, it is common for people to feel overwhelmed, as if they are drowning. Waves can be equated to a series of issues an individual is being bombarded with. Martin’s book, “Life” explores options for helping individuals ride the waves as opposed to being knocked down by them. Martin’s clever NLP techniques, provide the necessary framework to regroup, refocus and become grounded again.

Martin Shervington

Martin Shervington

About Martin Shervington

Martin Shervington, LLB (Joint Hons), PG Dip Psychology and Master Practitioner NLP, has  spent 15 years working as an executive coach, life coach and psychologist. Martin studied Law at Birmingham University, England, Psychology at University of London (Birkbeck College), NLP with John Seymour Associates, Chi Kung (Instructor qualification), Yoga, Meditation (15 years of practice) and CBT at the Copewell Institute.

Martin’s other books include: Integral Coaching, Peak Performance, and Don’tThink Of Purple Spotted Oranges. He is also a contributing author to The Successful Manager’s Handbook and Robert Winston’s Illustrative Guide To Being ‘Human’. Martin continues to work around the world to help people utilize the applications of psychological techniques in daily life.

Listen To The Interview

Click here to The NLP View Radio Show, to listen live as host, Donna Blinston is joined by author, Martin Shervington to discuss his best-selling book, Life: You Can’t Stop The Waves But You Can Learn How To Surf, on September the 8th, 2012 at 7pm EDT/4pm PST. Stay Tuned!

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