Angry Birds, Meet Hamstrong: A Superhero Fighting FOR Animals

The Wasted Gift Of Reason

We are born with the gift of reason. However, society teaches us to be disconnected from nature. We are surrounded by advertisements which embrace death and destruction yet shun love and compassion. Even in the supermarkets, meat is sold boneless, skinless, breaded and processed in a myriad of shapes and sizes that do not even remotely resemble the animal which it came from.


Are children being taught to disconnect from nature by consuming processed foods such as these chicken nuggets? Photo: Ludovic Bertron

Bullying, Violent Video Games & The “Knock Out” Game

The crusade against violence almost seems like an uphill battle as many of the children’s cartoons and video games promote negativity, self-destruction as well as the destruction of other living beings. The same is true with adult video games and popular films which glorify negative, cruel behavior. One of the most disturbing trends across America is terrifying new ‘game’ that’s already caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey. The game preys upon unsuspecting people walking the streets, anywhere.

Are We Encouraging An Already Rapidly Declining Bird Population?

Agro-chemical companies consistently use embellished population statistics to manipulate the minds of the public and persuade “the powers that be” that we need to further genetically modify what was already perfected in nature as well as continue to protect “conventional” crops by dumping more chemical applications on the earth in order to feed the world. Now, we face the battle of our lives as the world’s honeybee population suffers high mortality rates because of this innovative agro-technology.

Scientific research has proven that systemic pesticides called Neonicotinoids have not only contributed to the rapidly declining honeybee population but also to the global bird population. This is a serious issue but sadly little is being done to advocate the protection of our bird population. More efforts need to be made globally for the protection of all birds. Education really does make a difference, especially when it comes to what children are being taught in and out of the classroom.

Grasshopper Sparrow by Luke Seitz. The new ABC report shows that a single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird.

Grasshopper Sparrow by Luke Seitz. The new ABC report shows that a single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird.

An Angry Video Game

When I first bought my Android, I was horrified to find a game on my phone called Angry Birds. I asked the sales representative why he installed this on my phone without asking me and he was perplexed. He said it is one of the most popular video games and subsequently, is one of the featured games that comes with the phone. Wow! I have a video game that encourages me to sling birds into bricks, boulders, wooden structures, etc., smashing their bodies in order to score points?  How ingenious!

Angry Birds video game

Angry Birds video game on an Android.

In an article by Fast Company’s J.J. McCorvey, “For more than 200 million people every month, Angry Birds land is a state of mind: a digital immersion in addictively cheerful destruction, a refuge from the boredom of subway commutes and doctors’ waiting rooms, where the fine art of sling-shotting tiny, brightly hued birds at wooden fortresses to vanquish pigs taking shelter inside makes eminent sense and is incredibly gratifying. Over the past three years, this not-so-peaceful pastime has amassed legions of followers, incited fierce battles between parents and their tablet-weaned children, and won professions of love from the likes of Justin Bieber via Twitter and Dick Cheney on the Today show.”

Superhero For Animals: The “Angry” GMO Lab Animal!

Angry Birds, please meet Hamstrong! Animal advocate and creator, Geoffrey Antony, President of GFZ Studios, has come up with a fun, cutting edge solution which will help educate children and adults about animal cruelty issues. Geoffrey created Hamstrong, the NEW superhero who happens to also be a GMO hamster ready to battle his enemies using everything he’s got in order to protect his friends, the animals.

Hamster Of Steel

Hamstrong: Hamster Of Steel

Learn About Hamstrong

Hamstrong is imprisoned in an animal testing lab against his will and seeks any means necessary to escape and bring freedom for the other animal captives. The Hamstrong game is free on iTunes. (Keep an eye out for the premiere of the animated series, coming soon!)

Hamstrong is different from other projects because it’s produced with the purpose of providing entertainment and education. The series is carefully crafted to raise awareness about cruelty towards animals.

Listen To The Interview

Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Geoffery Antony, the creator of Hamstrong to discuss his activism and passion for education through cutting edge technology.

Supporting A Worthwhile Initiative

It takes a great deal of time, energy, effort and money to produce any kind of digital entertainment whether it is a video game, film or animated series. If GFZ Studios can secure additional funding beyond their initial request, they will continue to create updated versions with new and exciting features! The updated games will be available on iPad and all smartphone devices. They will also improve the graphics, add more levels and enemies, and have Hamstrong interact with the other lab animals. The game will go beyond navigating the lab to a full on rescue mission! Please visit Hamstrong’s website by clicking here.

Laboratory Monkey and Hamstrong

Please support the fundraising efforts for Hamstrong! Even $1 really helps!

Check Out The Hamstrong Video Game!

If you grew up on Mario Brothers and Alvin and the Chimpmunks, you are going to love playing Hamstrong. He is a hip, smart and savvy hamster that allows users to score points while fighting the enemies of the animals. The game also uses motion to create more excitement and enhance the functionality of the game!

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