A Father’s Pride: Raising Awareness About Canned Hunting

A Sport That Is Bringing About Extinction

There is a global effort to raise awareness about a sport that is reducing the global population of many species to the brink of extinction, especially the lions and tigers. Canned hunting or trophy hunting facilities offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals trapped within enclosures. Although many hunters and hunting groups are opposed to canned hunting or trophy hunting, there are no international laws prohibiting it. Many people have no idea that these heinous acts are taking place.

Canned hunting or trophy hunting facilities offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals trapped within enclosures.

Eco-Tourism That Kills

Many unsuspecting tourists and travelers pay top dollar for the opportunity to work with wildlife with an understanding that the animals they come in contact will be cared for and protected. The unfortunate reality is that many of the babies are actually sold to wild game farms where they will be killed by a trophy hunter for sport.

Lion farms generate further income from tourists and volunteers

A Father’s Pride

A Father’s Pride by William Payne, paints a very realistic story of how the economic climate can dictate the unconscionable decisions of many  people as lions, which are on the verge of extinction are killed. It is an excellent book for young people to read so that they can understand why we need to protect wildlife and have a global ban on canned hunting.

“In the South African town of Anga, William and his father live on a farm that is different to most others. Their farm is a maze of some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. When a rare lion cub is born on the farm, William and his father cannot believe their luck. However, it is not long before William discovers that the farm holds a terrible secret, and he is forced to try and save everything that he holds dear before it becomes too late.”- A Father’s Pride. 

For every book sold, 10% of the profits will go to LionAid.org, which is one of the most amazing lion advocacy organizations in the world that truly fights for the protection of lions. Please click the image of the book to purchase your copy!

A Father's Pride

Global March Against Canned Hunting

On March 15, 2014, millions of people around the world will participate in a Global March For Lions, which has been organized by Chris Mercer & Bev Pervan, the founders of CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting). To find a city in your area and participate in the march, please click GlobalMarch4Lions.

“Hundreds of South African lions are being slaughtered to make bogus sex potions for men. But we can stop this cruel trade by hitting the government where it hurts  which is in the tourism industry.

Please click this image to sign the petition!

Please click this image to sign the petition!

A global ban on tiger bone sales has traders hunting a new prize — the majestic lions. Lions are farmed under appalling conditions in South Africa for “canned hunting”, where rich tourists pay thousands to shoot them through fences. Now experts say lion bones from these killing farms are being exported to phony ‘medicine’ makers in Asia for record profits. Trade is exploding and experts fear that as prices rise, even wild lions — with only 20,000 left in Africa — will come under poaching attack.

If we can show President Zuma that this brutal trade is hurting South Africa’s image as a tourist destination, he could ban the trade in lion bones. Avaaz is taking out strong ads in airports, tourism websites and magazines, but we urgently need 1 million petition signers to give the ads their force. Sign the petition by clicking the lion image above.” -Avaaz.org

Listen To The Interview

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, author and animal advocate, Matthew Payne, talks to June Stoyer about his new book called “A Father’s Pride“, as well as his amazing efforts to promote wildlife conservation education with an organization that he founded called “So What”! Please use the podcast player below to listen to the interview

22 thoughts on “A Father’s Pride: Raising Awareness About Canned Hunting

  1. I honestly had no idea what canned hunting was. I am horrified that this is taking place. Thank you for such an informative interview!

    • I didn’t either before I became an Anti Captivity for Orcas Belugas Dolphins etc I got in contact with other good people and got aware of this. Like for SeaWorld the more the better. Raise voices and make the world change.

  2. I have twins that are four years old. Will children still be able to see a real lion when they get older? This needs to stop!

  3. Everything is going extinct! People really need to start thinking before they act. We are destroying everything which will inevitably lead to our own extinction!

  4. There are actually canned hunting compounds in the USA. We have zoos, marine parks and these places. The destruction of our own planet just keeps getting worse! Let’s get this banned!

  5. You would think that with all of the technology, NSA, surveillance, etc. that they would be able to catch the poachers and put a stop to this.

  6. I had no idea this was even going on. With all of the organizations that use the lion as a symbol, you would think this would never happen. Excellent information!

  7. Well done Matthew on a great interview with June about canned lion hunting and our congratulations to you on an amazing first book – “A Father’s Pride”.

    I hope all the listeners will take to the streets on the 15th March 2014 and join one of the 55 Global Marches for Lions which will take place that day, to protest against the cruel, unethical and immoral canned hunting industry in South Africa.

    We will be in London marching, as will Matthew!

    Get your boots on, wherever you are, and show your disgust for canned hunting by joining the GLOBAL MARCH FOR LIONS – March 15th – put the date in your diary!

  8. Canned hunting of cats must end now.Not only is it the most disgusting practice . Its not hunting at all. Its for the rich and out of shape who are unable to endure the hardship of a real hunt. These cat killers will be the cause of all sport hunting to end. It has caused the huge outcry from the public.
    Even wild cat hunting can be classed as CANNED HUNTING. There is no longer fair chase. Shooting cats on bait, drag lines, at water holes, dogs and call up audio systems to call lion out of the protected parks, are all being used.
    No risk at all. Your cat trophy is in the CAN.
    These cat killers make all hunters look bad. Hunting in SA is part of conservation and we will have this lot to thank
    when all the airlines banned together to end shipping of animal trophies. S African Airlines have implemented this already. Good job SAA.

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