Why Did This Woman Turn To CBD For Lupus & Fibromyalgia

It has been almost a decade since the world learned about the global decline of our honey bees in the ground-breaking documentary, Vanishing of the Bees. It’s director, Maryam Henein, is an investigative journalist, activist and entrepreneur talks to host, June Stoyer, about the challenges she has faced since the film’s release. She will address her issues with the launch of her company,HoneyColony.com, her battle with Lupus and Fibromyalgia and her fight to help others heal through the use of organic CBD oil.

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Will Neonicotinoids Be Banned in 2017?

Can we afford NOT to ban neonicotinoids

It’s a brand new year that awaits the changing of the guard as a new administration takes the helm. This year is already filled with eagerness in anticipation of a number of possibilities regarding the environment, both good and bad. Although, some of key focal points are energy and climate change, it will be very interesting to see if any progress is made to protect our pollinators. Meanwhile, industry hasn’t wasted a single minute and has begun its routine of spewing out rhetoric in hopes of maintaining huge profits while beekeepers struggle to keep their bees alive. Meanwhile, in Europe, the impact of neonicotinoids on pollinators is being carefully monitored and reviewed. In a recent paper, the lethal impact proves to be the cause for the decline in birds. Will America step up to the plate this year and finally ban neonicotinoids?

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Neonicotinoids Devastate Australian Beekeepers

I think 90% of the beekeepers now in Australia are watching it very closely. More than 50% of beekeepers in Australia are avoiding almonds, canola, etc.

Many industry apologists adamantly insist that the decline is due to Varroa Mites. While Varroa Mites do greatly impact the health of the colony, it is clearly not the case when it comes to the rapidly declining honeybee population in Australia. Why? Well, there are no Varroa Mites in Australia. So, this is a moot argument in the down under, at least for the time being. What is killing the bees? In this week’s segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald talk to commercial beekeeper, Jeffrey Gibbs about Australia’s honeybee crisis.

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