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The show has been a tremendous success and appeals to so many groups. June Stoyer is the host and has been a life long educator in the NY and global markets for organic, composting, animal related issues, apiary, environmental causes and overall healthy living.

June has a done a tremendous job building a large, focused community comprised of people with chemical sensitivities, vegetarian and vegans, animal lovers, gardeners, beekeepers, the environmentally concerned and newcomers to a more health conscious lifestyle.

Core Audience:
Our core audience consists of professional people between the ages of 30-60 who are well educated and demand high quality content. One of the wonderful features about the show is that if someone cannot catch the show live, all of our podcasts are available on all major podcast providers. Only through technology can we connect people around the globe and bring them together in one place at the same time! We have received so many wonderful comments from people all over the world about the value we offer with our shows. If you are looking to connect with the same people, please contact us by using the form below for further information about available opportunities. Thank you!

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Just A Little Feedback. Most of our featured guests have kindly expressed their gratitude at the end of each show! Listen at the end of the show for what our guests have to say! For now, here are a few kind words…

Hi June,

I really enjoyed being your guest on The Organic View yesterday. I had a great time and was thrilled  to see the results in the sales of my book, Wildly Affordable Organic. It had been regularly listed around 20 in Amazon.com’s top organic cookbooks. But the hour before your show, it made it back to #3 in the list and stayed in the top 5 for several hours. (The list is updated hourly).

Because of you and your show, I can now say that WAO has been seen in the top five of Amazon’s organic cookbooks for nine months!

I really appreciate all your work in promoting the healthy, organic way to live!

Have a delicious day!
…. Linda Watson

Hi June,

I just want to let you know that being on your radio show today has brought me so much new traffic this week! I had a look at my Alexa ranking and it went up 10% this month. And I can tell it is because of you because of the pages people have been visiting this week. Which is huge for me as I was a little “stuck” in getting my numbers up. Normally I don’t have that many visitors until late afternoon because most of my readers are in The States and we have a six to nine hours difference. Now they start reading early morning, and my noon numbers are already higher than what I would have at the end of a usual day. This indicates that I am reaching Europe as well now.

Also I receive a lot of interest from people on my facebook pages and my Tweet mentions have been going up significantly, my email inbox has been swamped. It is a very energizing sensation to notice how being your guest in your interview is bringing me this kind of traffic in such a short time, how people are finding me so easily now after having struggled myself to get my name out there. People have been checking out my website through search engines, so this is a great evolution!

This is why I really want to thank you for connecting with me June and giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge about raw food and juicing with the world. Because this is what you are doing; reaching the world! And what is more (I have to tell you this!) is that I am getting my IDEAL clients over to my website; people between the age of 45 and 54, the exact range I am reaching out for!

Just to say that I am very pleasantly surprised by the effect of what you do June. Thank you!


Marie-Claire Hermans
Author, Ravishing Raw Chef & Coach

Dear June,
Thanks so much for having me on The Organic View. I was a bit nervous and you made me feel very relaxed. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience.

My best,

Anthony Boutard
Ayers Creek Farm


Dear June,

Thanks for having me on your show — I really enjoyed it. I’m VERY grateful to you for all you do to spread the word on fracking and other important topics.

All the best,
Jim Gennaro
New York City Council
Environmental Protection Committee


Thanks June. I really appreciated the opportunity to speak on your show today, as well as all your continuing efforts on bringing awareness to animal welfare issues!



Stephan K. Otto, Esq.
Director of Legislative Affairs
Animal Legal Defense Fund


It has been an honor to participate on “The Organic View” which for me is a valuable alternative communication channel to create awareness with an interactive social media dimension.

This Online Radio Platform is a place for all big and small players in the organic industry to significantly contribute to the much needed transparency and dialogue.

I strongly believe in the positive effect of an open communication between legislators, companies,and consumers, to offer all parties equal opportunity of being heard in the effort of generating more clarity to promote consumer confidence and trust in brands that are available on the markets.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to June Stoyer whose labor of love promises much success.

Lydia Proschinger


Dear June,

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to connect with you and your listeners today!

Yours in service,
Arran Stephens
Natures Path


Thanks again for having me on your program – I hope we got a few more thinking and asking questions – congratulations and thank you for all you do -Bob Quinn, Kamut International

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  1. We are Humalfa America’s Organic Fertilizer Company. We market composted cattle manure from large cattle feedyards to area farmers. We also have a great bagged product that we are trying to build a market for. Please send me more info about yourselves. Thank You…

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