How Did The Cancer Disappear?

Those Three Little Words!

According to Cancer Research UK (July 24, 2012), one in three people will develop cancer some sort in at one point during their life. This is a harsh and numbing statistic. Tackling the mental side of the battle with cancer is now widely recognized. Evidence shows that a positive and determined attitude enables you to win the fight with cancer and how giving up allows the cancer to win.

Emotional Overwhelm

Emotional Overwhelm Caused When Diagnosed With Cancer

“You Have Cancer!” Three little words that send the recipient into a state of complete overwhelm, denial and often panic. Many people describe the state of shock from these words as having experienced as a feeling of being numb, experiencing a time warp where the person knows that people are talking to them but they can only hear a muffled noise, no words or meaning. Those three little words have had an enormous impact on the individual’s sense of self and the perspective of their current reality. Waves of anger, guilt, grief and a lack of control are experienced by the individual, putting their life on hold. The individual completely embraces the three little words “you have cancer” and apply their own meaning to those words. It is within the meaning that the individual has been applied to the words “you have Cancer” that the outcome of the individuals journey with Cancer can be understood.

How Cancer Can Become A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Mentally the journey of cancer is an emotional roller-coaster that you would never opt to ride. Every person who experiences cancer rides a similar roller-coaster. Physically the cancer impedes on the normal function of the body. Psychosocially cancer causes the individual to re-evaluate their priorities often impacting on their financial circumstances and their business or career success. The individual may lose motivation in their work, job or career which will inevitably have a negative impact on the individual’s personal life.

The psychological side of cancer is however an optional journey. The beliefs and identity that an individual forms around their diagnosis can build them up or break the person down. It is within the individuals beliefs around their own mortality, health and contributing factors like stress that become the self-fulfilling prophesies for the individual and dictate the path taken by the cancer.

Emotional Roller Coaster

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Is There A Mind and Body Link?

Alternative therapies and complimentary therapies are becoming widespread and nationally more and more research is being undertaken, studied and applied, to support individuals on their roller-coaster ride. The study of what is the difference that makes the difference in a successful outcome, focuses on the patterns of beliefs, capabilities and skills an individual possesses. Unpacking the strategies that have been created and noticing what must be have happened for the current situation to be happening.

The mind body link is a well-researched phenomenon. It provides the foundations of many of the alternative therapies that are now available to help fight Cancer. The first research dates back to 1978 when Dr. Carl and Stephanie Simonton published their book Getting Well Again. This book demonstrated the relationship between the mind and body link, looking into psychoneuroimmunology, the way the mind affects the nervous system, which in turn affects the immune system. The Simontons worked with 159 people considered to have medically incurable cancer (with a life expectancy of around 12 months) the Simontons reported two years later that 14 clients had no evidence of cancer at all, 29 had tumors which were stable or regressing, and almost all had lived well beyond the 12 month “limit” (p 11-12). Essentially, 10% were cured and 20% were curing themselves. The Simontons used a combination of biofeedback, visualization, exercise, goal setting, resolving internal conflicts, letting go of resentment, and engaging family support.

A Lifeline

A Lifeline

Alternative Approaches to Freedom from Cancer

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an applied psychology that therapeutically changes the person’s general state and attitude to life events. NLP is an effective complimentary adjunct to orthodox medical/surgical treatment and as an alternative choice where orthodox treatment has little expected success. Research shows that bereavement and experimentally induced negative mood states increase the risk of cancer by inhibiting the body’s lymphocyte production (Bartrop et alia 1977, Schleifer et alia 1983, Futterman et alia, 1994). The immune system is what we depend on to heal from and prevent cancer. Therefor any intervention which enables the person to let go of such negative states will have a positive effect on healing.

NLP provides a series of tools and techniques that investigate and review the negative events within a person’s past. Providing the individual with insights into the attachments they have made to those events and removing the negative emotions that they are carrying with them from those events. This enables the individual to be charge of their own circumstances and take full responsibility (to be “At Cause”) for the situation the person has found him/herself to be in. Rather than being (“At Effect”) the result of someone/something else’s behavior and actions. Goodkin et Alia, (1992) explains that T cells are more actively eliminating cancer cells when an individual is in charge of their life and making choices about their future.

NLP empowers people to choose how they want to respond to any given circumstance. To be more resourceful and focused on what the individual wants to achieve. Resolving any internal conflicts the individual  has around their illness, identifying the root course of any limiting beliefs and clearing any ‘blockages’ the individual may have. When those 3 little words are presented a response is elicited that cannot be predicted nor prepared for. NLP does however provide resources for coping with any kind of circumstance. NLP can be used during the most difficult times in our lives, which change our lives, who we are, how we live and the decisions we make.

Promoting Health and Well-being

How can a cancer that was spreading and needed urgent treatment according to the experts DISAPPEAR within four weeks without any medical treatment? “Why Did The Cancer Disappear,” is Marion Dias’s personal experience of over-coming cancer. Marion raises awareness and emphasizes the importance of preventing illness, promoting health & well-being, by taking responsibility for ourselves and actively participate in our healing.

Why Did The Cancer Diappear?

Regrettably, the cause of most diseases, including cancer remains unknown. Treatment is therefore of the symptoms of diseases rather than the causes of the disease itself.  Unsurprising, 75% of all visits to the doctor involve symptoms of illness which are based on excessive or chronic stress. Whilst medication helps in the short term, current scientific research indicates that unless chronic stress is addressed in a timely manner, further diseases are inevitably created. Ignoring the psycho-social and emotional aspects that are impacted on the individuals life produce an ever revolving cycle of mental instability that impacts on the person’s ability to function within the normal realms of well-being. Therefore the need to take responsibility for our health and well-being has never been so important.

Meet Marion Dias

Marion Dias

Marion Dias

Marion Dias BSc is a Clinical Hypnotist, trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis awarded the diploma by the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examination Board. In 1999 Marion became a certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and a certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™. In order to gain a more scientific basis of clinical hypnosis she continued her studies in clinical hypnosis and attained a Diploma in Higher education and BSc (Honors) Clinical Hypnosis. Developing her skill set further, Marion studied and became a Thought Field Therapist (from which EFT was developed) and Energy healerHer journey enabled her to study Re-connective Healing, Panic Healing, Reiki and Chi-Lel Qi Gong (a form of what is known as “medicinal” Qi gong) which in this context refers to the body’s own ability to produce what it needs to heal itself.

In 2006 Marion successfully overcome and has remained free from cancer herself. In her book “Why Did the Cancer Disappear” Marion has documented her journey into complete recovery. Marion’s aim is to encourage and motivate the reader to take responsibility for their lives. Through healing the past and building a positive outlook to compliment any treatments the client chooses.

Listen To The Interview

Listen below to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston RGN is joined by author, Marion Dias to discuss her best-selling book Why Did the Cancer Disappear-Become Free From Cancer & Promote Health.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed information how to deal with cancer disease. This information will definitely help those people who are fighting with this deadly disease and its very important to detect cancer at early stage for the safe prevention.

  2. This post highlights the devastating impact that three little words – “you have cancer” – can have on a person. It sheds light on the emotional roller coaster that cancer patients often go through, from feelings of shock, anger, and grief to a loss of control and motivation. The post also touches upon the mind-body connection and how it plays a crucial role in the outcome of a cancer patient’s journey. The study of alternative therapies that take this connection into account is gaining more recognition, and evidence suggests that a positive attitude and determined mindset can lead to a successful outcome. Overall, the post emphasizes the importance of taking care of both the physical and mental aspects of cancer treatment.

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