The Practical Stepping-Stones For Beating Cancer With NLP

Psychosomatic disorders are well known and accepted causes for multiple diseases involving the mind (psyche) and body (soma). For example, when we are afraid or anxious adrenaline is released often producing several of the following symptoms: a fast heart rate, fast breathing, wide eyes, palpitations, feeling sick, shaking (tremor), sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, headaches and a knot in the stomach. This is the body’s way of protecting itself, creating the flight, fright and fight response which increases the body readiness to react.

In Practical Miracles, Arielle Essex describes her process for facing any kind of crisis and how to develop the kind of resilience that sustains you and keeps you well, no matter what happens. Arielle has shared the insights she gained during her own journey, and provided a series of useful stepping-stones to make it easier for the individual to navigate through the challenging times that cancer presents.

Tune in to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston RGN is joined by author, Arielle Essex to discuss her best-selling book Practical Miracles Choices: that Heal and Build Resilience and her specialty of mind/body psychology using NLP. 1st of March, 2013 at 2pm EDT/11amPST/7pm GMT! Stay Tuned!

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Is Your Relationship Unhealthy?

Everyone looks for and needs a varying array of personality traits from their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Unfortunately some people are always looking for their Mr. or Mrs. Right, but he or she might not exist or worse still, the perceived Mr. or Mrs. Right does not provide the level of fulfillment desired or expected.

Relationships can be complex emotional journeys of personal development, that make you question yourself as an individual, as a man or woman, as a lover and a partner.

Tune in to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston R.N./R.G.N, author of Psychobabble, A Straight Forward Plain English Guide to the Benefits of NLP and special guest co-host, June Stoyer to discuss how NLP can be used to enhance personal relationships.

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Can Raw Foods Help Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

The expression, “you are what you eat” is something that many people take to heart, especially when it comes to their health and overall well-being. However, most people do not really understand why this is so. Many people are going back to basics and incorporating a raw food intake as they nurse themselves back to health. Raw foods, consumed in their natural state offer a myriad of vitamins and nutrients that are often lost during the cooking process.

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Rawpreneur, Marie-Claire Hermans who started her company Ravishing Raw after she cured herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia with raw food. She outsmarted doctors who told her she could never be cured. Marie-Claire believed that the body, mind and spirit are connected to each other and work together much like an engine. Since her recovery, Marie-Claire has dedicated her life to helping others as a raw food coach as she continues her journey towards personal growth and wellness.

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