Michael Potter, CEO, Eden Foods: GMO’s and Organic Sustainability

Sustainability is often a word that is used by clever marketers to promote an agenda to address the propaganda that the overpopulated world is running out of food due. With conventional crops devastating the environment, it appears that all we are doing is mining the land instead of farming it sustainably. In essence, in order to be truly sustainable, agriculture must be perpetuated so it can be productive year after year and generation after generation. The privately stated policy from the agro-chemical companies is market domination through contamination, meanwhile it is translated for the public as peaceful co-existence, when in fact there is no peaceful co-existence. Is it possible for the organic producers to survive?

Eden Foods, Inc., (also known as Eden Organic), is the oldest family owned organic food producer in the United States and the largest supplier of organic dry grocery items. Michael Potter, CEO of Eden Foods will talk about organic sustainability and the impact of GMO’s on our food and the broader environment.

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