Feng Shui For Your Home, Garden AND Car!

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Encouraging Good Chi or Qi 

Anyone who works with nature knows that there is a universal life force that is present. By design, nature created plants to have energy is perfectly balanced. This is one of the reasons why spending time gardening or being outdoors enables you to become grounded with a renewed sense of balance, peace and harmony.

This house has very visible elements of Feng Shui, including the two lions, which offer protection.

This house has very visible elements of Feng Shui, including the two lions, which offer protection.

Feng Shui is the Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it. The word “feng” refers to the element of wind and “shui,” water. The basic concept of Feng Shui is to maintain positive energy or encourage good “chi” for the purpose of balance and harmony. These principles can be applied inside your home as well as your home landscape. Homes and rooms that have been arranged according to Feng Shui principles are very attractive and the inhabitants, successful. Feng Shui was actually used in ancient China primarily, in landscape design in order to develop new communities. Today, people choose to utilize Feng Shui techniques for improving wealth, health or a personal relationship.

Is Feng Shui A Secret Of The Wealthy?

Notice the Feng Shui elements behind the cast of The Sound of Music!

Notice the rearing horses facing each other in the background behind the cast of The Sound Of Music

In Feng Shui, the horse, is a popular figure to display or hang in the home. It is a symbol of success, loyalty, strength, conquest and confidence. The rearing horse, also called the “Victory Horse” is always portrayed as galloping or rearing. It symbolizes upwardly-mobile and career promotions, because of the way they are facing the sky. It is typically utilized by business people and those climbing the career ladder, because it is a symbol of a speedy success and the fast track to fame. It is best placed in the South sector to bring fame, respect, reputation and popularity.

Color DOES Matter!

feng shui red tie

Color DOES matter, especially when interviewing for a job!

Feng Shui Fashion often comes in handy when trying to seal the deal on your dream job. When trying to make a strong first impression pay close attention to color selection with respect to your clothing choices.  If you are having a hard time securing a new job, try adding a bit of red but only in small amounts! The best colors to wear for job interviews are Black, Dark Blues, Dark and light shades of Grey if you are going into aggressive industries like Politics, Law, Sales or Marketing.  These Feng Shui Fashion Colors demonstrate that you are focused, serious, and passionate in your beliefs. Your prospective employers will also notice that you possess a competitive nature to your personality. To learn more, please check out this article: FENG SHUI FASHION AND FINDING THE PERFECT JOB, MADE EASY!

Feng Shui  For The Car

car shui

How Car Shui Works

The basic premise of Car Shui is simple. It utilizes Feng Shui techniques and applies them to the perimeters of a car. This is especially important because people spend so much time in their cars. It doesn’t matter why they use the car but that the car has a forward motion. People can use their cars for a myriad of reasons ranging from conducting business, driving their children to school or to extracurricular activities, shopping, or for simply driving to local and long distance destinations, etc. The car simply needs to be in working condition. Car Shui basically utilizes the forward motion in order to direct the Feng Shui Chi into the front windshield of the car and then direct it to the various Feng Shui Bagua compass points.

The Bagua which is an eight sided compass point, represents in Feng Shui, the various aspects of our lives such as money, health, career, helpful people, etc. When you think about how much time you spend in your car, it really is important to have this balance, which can impact other areas in your life.

Learn From A Feng Shui Master

San Dan Yi has been a Feng Shui Practitioner since 1998. San utilizes the Art of Placement for businesses and homes to create balanced and calm environments that are conducive to attracting Wealth, Loving Relationships, improved Health and the protection of family. San Dan Yi believes Feng Shui is a lifelong learning process. He is a proponent of traditional compass school theories and Tibetan Black Hat Sect. He most admires Lillian Woo who he feels made Feng Shui more simplified for the masses to understand. San has been most influenced by the teachings of Terah Kathryn Collins and the Western School of Feng Shui in Northern San Diego County. To learn more, please visit SanDanYi.com or call 928-204-5885.

Listen To The Interview

Listen to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to San Dan Yi about how you can create balance in your home and garden using feng shui techniques.

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  1. Great information and Feng Shui is getting more attention thanks to a recent Dr. Oz episode. Wouldn’t it be nice if schools considered ‘teaching’ the art of Feng Shui to help students create and achieve greater success?

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