Liberty Devitto Talks About Why Little Kids Rock

It’s Not Just About The 3 R’s

When it comes to education, people tend to think of the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic. Due to the obesity issue with kids, there has been a great deal of emphasis on the importance of sports and fitness. People think that sports can also offer children opportunities to inevitably play in major league clubs, the Olympics, etc. and therefore athletic programs should not be cut. Unfortunately, when it comes to music, not much thought is given as it is often the first to go when it comes down to budget cuts for extra-curricular programs. However, music is something that is such a critical component of our lives. It has been used as a form of communication and is also found throughout nature.

Why Exactly Do Birds Sing?

painted bunting from cornell lab of ornithology

Painted Bunting (Credit: Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Birds put a lot of effort into singing, drumming, winnowing, and otherwise displaying. They are trying to impress mates and proclaim territories.*

Rock Me Amadeus


How different would our world be if Mozart did not receive a musical education?

During the time of Mozart as well as other Masters, one’s ability to sing or play a musical instrument also determined not only how one would be received into society but for women, how well they could marry.

Indeed, it is a critical component to well being and can literally change the course of one’s life. Such is the case with newly discovered artists such as Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson, etc.

Rock Legends React

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock provides music instruction for public school students who have been left behind due to budget cuts.

There is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to change this called Little Kids Rock. It was founded by some of the greatest names in the music world. LKR currently reaches over 74,000 kids across America! When it comes to making sure every kid gets a first-rate education, music matters! LKR believes that learning to play a musical instrument can be a transformative experience in students’ lives, with the power to inspire the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and beyond. They are devoted to restoring and revitalizing music education in U.S. public schools. They bring free musical instruments and music instruction to underserved schools across the country. If you would like to find out about how you can get involved, visit and donate today!

The Interview

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will be joined by the legendary rock drummer, Liberty Devitto (known for his tenure with Billy Joel) to discuss his work with Little Kids Rock! Click here to listen to the LIVE interview.

Liberty Devitto

American Legend, Liberty Devitto

A Little More For Liberty Devitto Fans:

Liberty Devitto is legendary American Rock Drummer from Brooklyn, New York and loved by all New Yorkers, especially the folks from Long Island, where he grew up. Although he is best known for his work as the drummer for Billy Joel’s band, he has played with the biggest names in the music industry such as Stevie Nicks, Phoebe Snow, Richie Supa, Felix Caveliere’s Rascals, Mitch Ryder, Billy Joel/Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy J. Kramer, Ronnie Spector, Joan Jett, Jeff Carlisi, Rob Auther, Peter Frampton, Will Lee, Mitch Ryder, Tone Loc, Denise Williams, Wild Cherry, Sam the Sham, Patty Smyth , Louis Prima  Jr, Doctor Hook, Shelia E and so many other talented performers.

He continues to play with the NYC Hit Squad and has been a session drummer on recordings of other artists. He is a Drummer, Clinician, Lecturer, Songwriter, Producer and clearly a man of many talents. His latest project is called Camp Jam, which is America’s most comprehensive rock camp. Guitar players, bass players, keyboard players, drummers and vocalists can unleash their inner rock star at Camp Jam. This isn’t just limited to kids either! They have programs available for all ages and ability levels! Here is a video of Liberty Devitto’s song, Money In A Card©. Now doesn’t this song put you in the Christmas spirit?

Money In A Card

7 thoughts on “Liberty Devitto Talks About Why Little Kids Rock

  1. What a fantastic idea and program! I never knew anything like this existed and bringing this information to the masses on this platform and via social media is awesome! Music plays an extremely important role in our lives. It helps to define who we are and what we may become. Keep up the great work Liberty! Kudos to you and your mission.

  2. To quote “Mr. Holland”. If they take away a child’s education and exposure to music… they will have nothing to read or write about. There are so many benefits for providing that type of education. It promotes creativity, exercises another part of the brain and can ultimately become a hobby or release of stress. Just like taking away sports and the arts. This is a critical aspect to the future development of our children. Great post. TW

  3. This is a great concept: music camps for kids and classes that included music. As a fitness proponent myself, I don’t think P.E. has anything to do with getting my kid into the olympics or the big leagues one day. It’s more about getting them out of their little “desk jobs” where they sit in school for 8 hours or more a day! Kids need to move, but kids also need to make music. The more parts of their brain we can get them to use, the better. I grew up in a musical family; my father can play any instrument he gets his hands on. Me, I just sing 🙂

  4. Rock on! Music plays such a fundamental part in the development of children and the creation of well-rounded beautiful individuals. Way to do something for your country! Countless families will benefit from your vision in the future. Thank you Liberty DeVito and Little Kids Rock.

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