The Poison Papers Project

The Poison Papers Project

According to EPA, “The United States and Canada have one of the world’s oldest and most effective environmental partnerships. The U.S.-Canada border includes four of the five Great Lakes, as well as many rivers and lakes, major airsheds, and migratory routes for wildlife species. In addition, there are many U.S. Native American Tribes and Canadian First Nations residents whose culture spans the border.”


Map of USA and Canada

Two Agencies, One Agenda!

What is frightening and downright disturbing is the discovery of two agencies who are given such great responsibility and have a direct impact on our health, well-being and existence of our own species not to mention so many others that co-exist with us on this planet. 

It's the data that would actually incriminate these chemicals.

Recently, Dr. Jonathan Latham and Carol Van Strum launched “The Poison Papers Project” which reveals decades of collusion between industry and regulators over toxic pesticides and other hazardous chemicals.

In this segment of The Organic View, Dr. Latham talks to host, June Stoyer about this massive cover-up and how it began. Stay tuned! Jonathan R Latham, PhD Co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project; Editor of the Independent Science News website. Dr. Latham is a biologist who holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Virology. He was subsequently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Prior to heading the Bioscience Resource Project he published scientific papers in disciplines as diverse as plant ecology, plant virology, genetics and genetic engineering.

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