What You Want Vs. What You Don’t Want

If you are single and at the point where you are ready to welcome a new person into your life, starting over can be quite difficult. It is especially difficult when you are unsure as to what you want much less what you don’t want. This is one of the key reasons why it is important to understand what your boundaries are and how to set them.

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It is important to know what you want and don’t want!

After a breakup, especially a divorce, moving on can bring about many challenges.  It is important to recognize negative patterns of behavior as well as positive ones.  Susan offers excellent examples for readers to better comprehend the lessons learned. These examples are also important for understand what is desired in a new relationship and what is not wanted.

The Illusion Of Perceived Happiness

According to Merriam-Webster, perception is defined as the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses. Quite often, a single person will view another person who appears to be happy as someone he or she would like to emulate. However, looks can be deceiving. Without really knowing what is truly going on in that other person’s life, the projected joy may nothing but an illusion. This is something important to keep in mind when starting over after a breakup.

”When feeling lonely and ready to jump into the dating pool, don’t compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides.” – Susan J. Elliot.

Don’t compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides. Susan J Elliot

Don’t compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides. Susan J Elliot

In Getting Back Out There, a sequel of sorts to her book Getting Past Your Break Up, Susan J. Elliott offers a comprehensive guide to help you get back on track.  She offers sage advice on a myriad of topics including the following topics.

  • How do you differentiate what is “real love” vs. “true love”?
  • Should you continue “communicating” with your ex?
  • How can you recognize “red” and “pink” flags?
  • At what point do you introduce your children, family or even animal companions to the new person?

Susan has also done a remarkable job creating a comprehensive self-assessment that will help you understand the lessons learned from previous relationships and also learn about areas that need improvement.


Listen To The Interview

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer, talks to author, Susan Elliot about her new book, Getting Back Out There Secrets to Successful Dating and Finding Real Love after the Big Breakup. To listen to the interview, press the play button on the video below.

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Susan J. Elliott, JD, M.Ed., is the creator of the Getting Past Your Breakup blog and seminar series. A sought-after relationship commentator, motivational speaker, certified grief counselor, and attorney, she lives in New York.

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