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    Love is the flower you've got to let grow. John Lennon

Winter Is The Time To Plan!

Although it is winter, now is the time for rosarians and rose lovers to begin thinking about the 2015 growing season. Learn how to select the perfect rose varieties for your garden as well as how to prepare the beds from a pro! What are some of the trends for 2015? What are some key things you should do as well as things you should avoid? Tune in to find out! In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to award winning Rosarian, Susan Fox, founder of Gaga’s Garden about what you need to know. To listen to the interview, click the link below.

Italian Ice!

Detailed description: Cool and delicious, the semi-doubled blooms of Oso EasyTM Italian Ice open with an amazing 24-30 petals per flower. Orange buds unwrap to reveal creamy yellow flower petals that are beautifully frosted with pink margins. Oso EasyTM Italian Ice forms a habit of 18-30 inches tall and 24-36 inches wide with glossy green foliage to showcase the creamy blooms.

OSO EASY® Italian Ice Rose-Disease Resistant/Fragrant/Rebloomer-Proven Winners

OSO EASY® Italian Ice Rose-Disease Resistant/Fragrant/Rebloomer-Proven Winners

The Ose EasyTM Rosa series have proven themselves to be very low maintenance, exhibit exceptional disease tolerance, and rebloom without deadheading. Oso EasyTM Italian Ice blooms on new wood and needs no pruning but may be trimmed to shape in the spring. Apply a time release fertilizer in early spring. No spraying is required. Introduction Year: 2013 Patent Strings: Oso EasyTM Italian Ice Rosa ‘ChewNiceBell’ PPAF

  • Height: 2-3 feet
  • Prefers sun
  • Easy to grow. No deadheading.
Italian Ice

Italian Ice

Meet Rosarian, Susan Fox

Rosarian,Susan Fox is lovingly referred to by her friends and colleagues as “Gaga”, hence the founder of Gagasgarden.com, where all things come up roses!

Rosarian, Susan Fox

Rosarian, Susan Fox

Biographical Sketch: As an avid horticulturist holding national awards for growing prize winning roses and award winning gardens, Gaga will share her knowledge with you. A master in the art of rose growing and garden design Gaga’s expertise includes speaking on growing and the care of roses to the Plano and Dallas Master Gardeners Groups. During her tenure as treasurer of the Northeastern Illinois Rose Society, her society was instrumental in having the rose named as the national flower by the President of the United States. As an avid gardener, speaker and consulting rosarian, Gaga is dedicated to perpetuating knowledge growing things the organic way in our gardens and particularly the planting and care of rose gardens. She is a past member of the board of the Dallas Rose Society and the Northeastern Illinois Rose Society.

It’s Christmastime again! You don’t need to be Santa to make these wishes come true. Vote with your dollars. Stop patronizing companies that support these destructive, cruel and heinous activities. Educate yourself, your family and friends to make a more conscious decision when it comes to how you spend your money.

Banning Neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoids are the most toxic chemicals on the face of the earth. There is abundant scientific evidence which has proven the impact of neonicotinoids. It is only a matter of time before humans begin to see the dramatic affect on our health. Massive bee kills throughout the United States have been reported but industry continues to profit greatly as our honeybee population continues to rapidly decline. Although there have been some measures to restrict the use of these chemicals, due to the sub-lethal effects, only a ban would prevent the pending Disaster In The Making as foretold by Dutch Toxicologist, Dr. Henk Tennekes.

 Dear Santa, For Christmas, I don't want any toys. Instead, please ban neonicotinoids because they are killing all of the bees.

Ban GMO’s

Consumers are confused by the myriad of labels on our food. Industry has done a brilliant job of convincing people that the only difference between natural and organic is the price. GMO labeling has been controversial primarily because it would force transparency. This is something that would negatively impact Big Ag’s bottom line. With the demand for knowledge about where food is grown, how it is grown and who grows it, labeling doesn’t seem to be the solution to an untrusting public.

For Christmas, I want all GMOs to be banned

Canned Hunting and Trophy Hunting

This sport is reducing the global population of many species to the brink of extinction, especially the lions and tigers. Canned hunting or trophy hunting facilities offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals trapped within enclosures. Although many hunters and hunting groups are opposed to canned hunting or trophy hunting, there are no international laws prohibiting it. Many people have no idea that these heinous acts are taking place.

All I want for Christmas is for people to stop killing my friends and family for their fur and bones

Empty The Tanks

This is a movement in support of banning the captivity of cetaceans which will take place on June 06, 2015. The goal of the Empty the Tanks is a global  effort to increase awareness about what happens to whales and dolphins in captivity. It is a day for everyone around the world to stand up against marine mammal captivity. Please visit EndCetaceanCaptivity.com to get involved.

My Christmas wish is to see all of the tanks emptied!

Stop Slaughtering Animals For “Medicinal Purposes”

The annual consumption of traditional remedies made of tiger bone, bear gall bladder, rhinoceros horn, dried geckoes and a plethora of other animal parts is of phenomenal proportions. It is believed that today at least 60 per cent of China’s billion-plus inhabitants use medicines of this type.

The use of endangered tiger products and their medicines is seen as a symbol of high status and wealth. Some remedies list tiger parts as an ingredient, but the real animal parts are so expensive that often the medicines may have only trace elements; but even this is enough to promote the continued slaughter of the tiger. To learn more, please visit TigersInCrisis.com and also visit SoWhat, which is an educational organization founded by wildlife advocate, Matthew Payne, author of A Father’s Pride, available at LionAid.org.

Stop The Chinese Traditional Medicine Market

Adopt An Animal From A Shelter

Did you know that around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States simply because too many people give up their pets, and too few people adopt from shelters? Please support organizations such as or any local shelter that uses donations to help animals in need.

North Shore Animal League America




Please adopt, don't shop!

Not Just A Pet But A Part Of The Family!

Cats can truly inspire and uplift us, especially when are experiencing difficult times. For the Warren family, Ting is not just a cat, she is a part of the family. In The Good Luck Cat: How a Cat Saved a Family, and a Family Saved a Cat, Lissa Warren talks about her own personal journey with her beloved cat, Ting. She also shares very personal memories about her beloved father who passed away unexpectedly and a bit too soon. For anyone who has ever experienced the painful loss of a parent or close family member, this is a story that will warm your heart as you step into the world of the Warren family.

When I needed a friend, you were always there for me.

A Pacemaker For A Cat?

Just how far would you go for your fur baby? When Ting begins to experience fainting spells, Lissa discovers that Ting is in dire need of a pacemaker. Interestingly enough, pacemakers are more commonly placed in canine patients, but have been placed in cats and ferrets. Pacemakers are actually one-size-fits-all so for cats, it can be a challenge.

The pacemaker is about the size of a silver dollar.

The pacemaker is about the size of a silver dollar.

Pictured above is Angell Medical Center Cardiologist Rebecca Malakoff perfoming-the pacemaker implantation.

Pictured above is Angell Medical Center Cardiologist Rebecca Malakoff perfoming-the pacemaker implantation.

If you have a patient who you suspect may benefit from pacemaker implantation, please do not hesitate to contact the Angell Cardiology service to discuss how urgent the surgery may be, individual considerations for your patient, and any other questions you may have. You may contact either Dr. Rebecca Malakoff at [email protected], send a message to the general Cardiology inbox at [email protected], or call the Cardiology service at 617-541-5038.To learn more about the amazing care Angell Animal Medical Center offers, please visit them at MSPCA.org!

Watch The Interview

Animals have a remarkable way of changing our lives and helping us to become better people. Cat lovers always have amazing stories to tell that uplift, inspire and will touch your heart. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Lissa Warren, author of The Good Luck Cat: How a Cat Saved a Family, and a Family Saved a Cat! To listen to the interview, please press play on the video below.

Meet Lissa Warren

Lissa Warren is the author of The Savvy Author’s Guide to Book Publicity: A Comprehensive Resource—From Building the Buzz to Pitching the Press. She holds a B.S. in English Education from Miami University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Bennington College.

The Good Luck Cat by Lissa Warren

Lissa Warren and Ting

Her poetry has appeared in such publications as Quarterly West, Oxford Magazine, Black Warrior Review, and Verse, and she serves as a Poetry Editor for the literary magazine Post Road. She works in Boston as Vice President, Senior Director of Publicity at Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

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